My Liam

The reason I wanted to live with a Jack Russell was, in my mind, they have what I lack as well as my best qualities. I am Terrier in my doggy persistence, my willfulness. What I lack is a sense of the rightness, the very correctness of aggravation. I can be soooo reasonable, gaggingly so. Patience is a virtue only when it has an endpoint. With no stop too much patience is enabling or just not engaged. What I love about Liam is he shows me what aggravation looks like. It is Liam throwing himself at Jules’ throat while I’m trying to get them ready for a walk. It is Liam grabbing the leash in his mouth and running out the door with it as I am trying to put it on Guinnie. It is Liam hovering by the cat food next to my sink as I’m brushing my teeth, creeping closer and closer with his neck pulled in close, so that in the moment of my bending over the sink all he has to do is silently stretch his neck into the dish. By the time – seconds – I am in a position to look, the dish is clean.

The other side of us, Liam and me, is that he matches most particularly my dogged lovingness, my steadfast, always there curl up. I like having a mate that way. He is my True Companion. Always ready, a little pushy about it in case I want to be reassured, his heart is wide open. Mine too.

2 thoughts on “My Liam

  1. Yes, you’ve always had the patience of Job. The more I interview clients whose mothers were down their throats every other minute, the more grateful I am that you are you, that you were you.

  2. Loved your comments about terriers. We have five – 2 welsh terriers, 2 airedales and one wire fox terrier. There are terrier people and then there is the rest of the world. We too are in the process of selling our home/farm in Indianola, WA and hopefully moving to Washington County NY. Sinced all of our terriers “sing” when the doorbell rings, taking them all in the car during a show is necessary. FedEx just dropped off a package and when the doorbell rang the singing began. The shocked look on the guys face was priceless. He’s never heard any dog sing (and ours do it in harmony). He almost fell off the porch.

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