Removing Obstacles

In the ongoing Ongoing – I feel like making it a noun and having a meaning slot for each circumstance, in this case; the selling of the house – of showing the house which sounds so dry and unweighty, we have evolved a few tricks. One of them is cleaning for four or five hours. How do you make a house with 12 animals and 2 to 4 humans look unlived in? Yep, we clean! The other more unsettling thing is the “show” itself. There we are. Our habits, choices, interests exposed. Should we take down the Obama signs, is the photo of us with the kids or the dogs “too much?” When we adopted Chandrika and Bimala we had to eviscerate the house of “Us.” It would have foiled everything. I know it’s not the same now but I have flashbacks.

One of the funny things we do now in order for the doors in the house to be open – we have them all closed against a list of cat and dog possibilities that would and have made life miserable – is to load two cars with the dogs and take a drive. Inside, we have two cats who hide in a closet, we close that door. Another one can go out. One in my studio. Two in Paula’s with a sign on the door to re-close. We figure one closed door they can handle. Two more get put in individual carriers in what we consider a “one brief look” room upstairs.

When we come back they all run around freaked to see if everything is the same – whatever that is in this household! Then two of them open a few doors with their renewed energy and tip a few Matryoshka Dolls, dig the tree, dig into the rolls of toilet paper, rearrange the cushions, pee on some (why not) and generally get comfortable reminding us why we like our own spaces.

The Ganesha¬†at the door and the ones inside our house are for removing obstacles. I think of them as ¬†inspiring me everyday to be the best I can be, to notice all the souls in my path and to laugh. Can’t have better help for that than 4 dogs and 7 cats!
This period of knowing we are moving but staying here is a lovely challenge. We love it here in this house. We want to move for all kinds of good reasons. Our shadow selves (above) and all our other selves are in sync with this. We get reminded everyday to focus on what is here now, on what we love and have faith the right things will be put in front of us and we will be awake to see them!

Paula taking my photo. Seeing each other.

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