For the past almost two months we have had no heat in our bedroom. So we have resorted to heaters – last night just as the Westminster Dog Show was finishing up, a blue streak – two blue streaks – poured out of our wall where the heater was plugged in. The plug of the heater was fused to the socket – no getting it out. And ditto the small plug-in flashlight we have in the socket under it in case of no electricity.
Well guess what? Yes, the Westminster Dog Show and the next episode of Downton Abbey (I wish I could write it here the way their logo introduces us) trumped any timidity about getting the TV back on. We hurriedly got an extension cord and I went around with Paula’s hair dryer testing every socket we could find, she following me with the cord to which the TV was already plugged…
We saw them both and called our electrician in the morning. He came right over – looked at the wall and said, ” Wow! Lucky there wasn’t a fire!” Fire? What? Was that a possibility? And we were waiting for the hounds to see who would win. We were rooting for the greyhound – she was by far the BEST! We were waiting to find out who was going to die next, who wanted off the set of Abbey – we can’t believe anyone would.
Sometimes we don’t even have to have faith. Sometimes we can be completely ignorant and things will work out. Sometimes the work has already been done and we just have to trust it. Or know what to do if sh-t happens! We do have a fire extinguisher downstairs. I think I’ll check to see if it’s current.

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