Communicating With Animals

When people call me to help with their companion animals they usually want their pets to know they are loved, which is the first thing animals know about us. We are easy to read. When we are face to face with our pets they get it.
What pets want to tell us is often different. It’s not always about love although they want to tell us they love and appreciate us. Sometimes they want us to back off and trust. Just trust. Them, ourselves, love.
Sometimes just the word”pet” or “mine” in reference to themselves sets animals off. They say, “my person.” Once, when I was away at an animal communication workshop, “my” dog Zoe was asked by a communicator mate at the workshop, “who is your person?” Zoe answered, “Paula is my person.” I was infuriated! I was only gone for four days! Geesh!
Their connection with us, to us, is a no-brainer for them. They are here for us and sometimes they want help getting us to understand what they are trying to say. Sometimes they want to give us a head’s up about what life is all about. That’s something they know a lot about. Zoe was trying to give me a lesson in appreciation and allowing. Something she was really good at.


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