Talking To Eli

First off, no one needs to talk to Eli to know how he feels. He’s right there up front with his behaviour. Paula and I were reviewing Eli Events while talking to my son Ben who lives in Istanbul – with our granddaughter Isabelle and Isabelle’s mother Gulru. We were reminded that before Eli came inside, he was grabbing our legs as we attempted to enter our house and making it generally impossible for us to go in or out. We had positioned a broom inside where we could “sweep” him aside – but then we had to put something outside. Or did we start with the broom outside?
That’s what it’s like. Confusion. This stray, feral (hmmm, don’t know what to think about that) cat was keeping us from entering our house. He was looking in at the door, pawing the glass and meowing – all meowing is pitiful so I won’t describe it.
Paula got a Havahart trap, set it with food and as she was setting it, Eli walked in. Right past her, sat down by the food and looked at her, “You finally got it. I want to be In!” So, before he can be anywhere we took him to be neutered. Nothing was any problem at all as long as he was In. Inside. We were hoping to put him Out when he came back from the vet. No, he would have to be “quiet” for ten days. He went to my studio. We were at the Inauguration. He had a collar on. He did everything he could to get the collar off. Everything in my studio was trashed. Every surface was a place for him to try to rub the collar off. When we came back we took the collar off. He was great. Calm and easy.
As long as he was inside. Then as long as we were with him.
We weren’t with him enough. I didn’t have to talk to him – oh great communicator – he started peeing outside the box. So we got different litter. Of course the one he likes is the one Paula is allergic to. So now we have him in the attic at night and with us during the day. How did we figure that out? Simple, he showed us every step of the way. He likes being with the other cats a certain amount, then he likes being by himself. He shows us when he wants to be by himself. He shows us when he wants to be with us. He loves to play. He loves to perch. He’s great fun and easy – yep, as long as he can handle what’s around him. If he can’t, he shows us. One way or another. Eli is clear.

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