The Moment

I love being open to the delicious. Having a reason for time to separate itself for me, from me and I get to see something: frame and focus.
I think that’s why photography found me.
I think that’s why time came to me. I feel like it gave itself to me and I took it.
Time likes that.

And time can be kind. For instance Paula is wearing my great grandmother’s petticoat. It’s detailed enough to wear anywhere, any time. We chose this ragged coast. For me a juxtaposition of opposites except that you have to be tough and well made to survive all that. I could easily describe us – my great grandmother, her petticoat, Paula and me as tough and well made.

And here it all is. Dramatic and wonderful. Real wind, rocks and sea, a great piece of cotton and a couple of tough broads – my grandmother would like to be included, nothing got in her way!

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