In The Moment

More of the rocky coast and Paula’s ability to lie where it is hard for me to stand! For me the toughness and vulnerability is all here. The day, the dress, the woman – a sequence of notes, a symphony gesture and place. We were so into the piece, the sound of it still with me though not in the print. The focus of time and effort, the lightness of it. There is something every yogi – meditator – thinks about, feels, those moments of intense effort that have to be so light, so effortless or they don’t land or make sense.
When I sit in meditation if I am trying – to do anything – but “better” myself. Make something happen. Prove a point. I’m lost. It’s over There is no moment. Only when there’s nothing in the moment but the moment. No gain. No pain. Just This. And This. In a series.
That’s when I might make something to look at – or not – that’s when I might have a thought – or not. That’s when….
And I’m not even the arbiter of that, not really.

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