Black and White

Sometimes things are as they don’t seem. Sometimes they are.
We spend a lot of time and effort getting special effects into our lives. Watching the Oscars, I did see a lot of things that don’t usually go together. They were rewarded for their expertise. Normally I don’t like people who aren’t who they are, but sometimes it makes them more interesting. Mysterious. I like a good mystery.
I like to “mix it up” with people. Contact Improv of the mind/body. In this case these beautiful dancers were doing what dancers do and I was doing what a photographer does. We were all toe to toe, which is what I like about the 20mm lens and infrared film which picks up heat and light.

Where we leave off and where we begin can be complicated for all of us. What appeals to me about dancers is their ability to be when asked. It can be hard for the rest of us to feel so comfortable in our skin, to respond to a touch or an idea in the moment and let it go in the next. That’s the task of the dancer. And the singer and really anyone who isn’t etching in something permanent. I’m about to go meet with someone and talk. That’ll be gone too but maybe something will come of it. Maybe something will hang around. It probably won’t be because I “fixed”it. But then again, maybe it will.

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