Being The Judge

For most of my life I have felt judged so this morning as I go off to a Toastmasters club contest having signed up (well, pushed) to be a judge I am awash with thoughts, ideas and feelings.
For one thing I keep forgetting that we are not judging each other. We are judging our speeches in response to a list of good practices that have been proven to make me and everyone else more effective at getting ourselves heard.
It gets lost in the melee of life that I actually want to make myself clear and make an impact. How often have I excused myself or sputtered disproportionally passionate utterances in the face of what I felt needed my defending. How often I have quivered on the sidelines or railed at the television.
Last year I took myself in hand and drove to Great Barrington to plunge in to a world of support and fellowship far beyond any I had experienced.
This is what I found in an alley in Great Barrington and this is what I find every meeting I attend, every speech I give or listen to, every time my hand stretches out it is held. It is a sharing of ideas and energy in a safe setting that allows me to explore and appreciate what I say and what I hear. How cool is that? I’m feeling very lucky.
This photo is peaceful to me, waters flowing slower, grasses beauty in the snowy season
It is how I perceive myself when I accept where and who I am and where I’m going
which includes not always knowing

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