Here, There, and Everywhere

When I first heard this song I was pretty young and thinking the song was about someone else. I love the lyrics, the lyricism and orchestration of it. In fact I loved the whole Revolver album. And I thought it was all on the outside – some special someone being there for me.

All these many years later – and no, I’m not going to count them – I have reason to look in the mirror for that special someone, that person who’s always there, by my side for the long haul. And it’s not that I do not have the best support from the most wonderful, intense, loving Paula in the whole world. I do. But when it comes to “growth experiences,” there’s nothing like the support I get when I can feel the strength coming through me and the will to keep going.
And I have so much help from the many Beings in our household. I cracked up reading Paula’s blog post about the animal kingdom we share! There is no way to get caught up in anything but the wonderful, tumultuous drama of the many Beings with whom we live.

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