I Am Enough

I wrote these words today looking for a simple meditation on spiritual life. Looking for simple, relational, believable.
I wanted to write it on something and, being in my studio where there are no straightforward pens, pencils or paper for making notes, everything is art related, I saw a notebook I take with me on retreats. Flipping through the pages I realized what I had just written was perfectly illustrated for me by me some years ago.
I’ve heard consistency is the hobgoblin of the little mind and mostly I subscribe to that but today I was thankful to find I had already illustrated something I had just written.


As I open to the world
I see I belong
I cease the fight to belong
As I discover how deeply I am
As I trust I am seen
I no longer feel the need for any
effort to be noticed by the world

I am enough

I am one with the world
The world is one with me

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