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A friend sent me a reminder that Samuel Beckett’s birthday is a few days after mine – mine was last Monday, Beckett’s anniversary was Saturday. I have other friends who will wince at my mention of Beckett as another intellectual charade.  And though I feel the confusion of life when I was young – reading Beckett to show I could – and life now, the connecting threads define my resilience and reliance on the spiritual light bulb moment that saves the day. Beckett gave me a few of those.

When Krapp listens to last year’s birthday greetings to himself, the light goes on for me. It’s an “inside job.” Getting close, no, intimate, with my self is as scary a prospect as ever. I am often a foreigner in my own body/mind, and to listen, and to see myself is a deep human gift.

Most of what’s in our heads is our own theater. We project the players, protecting the plot at any cost. Sometimes at the cost of what is actually happening. Beckett has always given me that extra push to believe the theater. What else is there for us? The search for our authentic self relies on the play of words in our heads, the script of our hearts can be profoundly difficult to read, to find, hard to listen to.

When I first listened to Beckett, read and endured his plays on the stage I had no idea he would support my enduring thesis that we all are perfect, we all need a little help and the perfection of our vision is just that; a vision.

In the simplest terms, what I most like to do is share that vision with you all. The gift of Insight and video coaching is about discovery. Discovering our voice, waking to new life with strategies that nurture the growing edge in all of us.

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