Along The Way

Persistance. Giving up is not easy. Fortitude and will are not really great traveling companions in a psychic journey although I enjoyed liberal use of them while walking where this photo was taken in Nepal. How often did I wish to call on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to get me over a crevasse, to the top or across a live landslide.
Flexibility. That’s the hero’s trick in the land of the psyche. Swiss cheese is what Mother Courage called for. Let the wind blow through. Let the journey be the journey. Some have maps, some don’t.
The thread of my insight coaching is listening. It’s the warp too and the woof is love. It’s all love, really. In coaching a writer to write I remind us there are three elements that matter in a story. Love of people. Love of place. Love of self. As far as I can see and as much as I can tell, that’s it.
Love yourself. Tell a story about someone you love in a place you know really well.
Simple. Not easy.

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