Spending time with my horse Sanne the other day I am struck by how he holds light. Not just his dark-forelock shining with rain falling but how his eyes catch and reflect light. How they bounce the light through him and back to me.
His soft lower lip can rub with me tenderly, separate the finest grasses, pick up the tiniest grain – of sugar, oats, whatever is in my palm.
Today it is herb balls – a treat made for horses without sugar. He loves it when I whisper “Hilton’s Herb Balls.” I kind of hiss at the end.
He is not just a push-over, he has standards, and willingly makes them known. But he is not looking for trouble. He is not ready with a story or justification. He is ready to stand his ground and find out what is here, now.
And he is capable of fierce attention, his eye soft and full of what is.

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