Dandelion Time

Not choosing where he sits, our Buddha is looking at dandelions right now. Everyone is, I think, who does not use Scotts weed killer. I marvel at his surroundings. They are mine and I appreciate them more than I can say. Gentle countryside, calm water and old barns are high up on view lists for many. As I took these photos I noticed that behind his ear, the Buddha has had a visitor, now birthed and gone.

What creature I do not know ventured to give her baby a safe place and a generous spirit, for what else can this statue signify. Mind you I don’t give the insect credit for seeking generosity, that is a given to any creature of the universe. The safe haven takes some doing and the insect in question won on that front too.
What’s more to the point is the future the insect choose. She chose to give life to life. She gave what she had. And the beauty of her hour here will have another day.
And the Buddha will keep watch.

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