Common Bugs and Visitors

The last two weeks have been taken up with succumbing to and then getting over some horrid flu thing that I hear a lot of you have gone through. I put this photo of a recent sunset to give the send-off to it and a welcome to another chance for clarity of mind.
Another interesting bit of life here which I have not photographed is a veritable herd (hurd?) of turtles – Snappers – coming up the hill from the lake to lay their eggs. The first phalanx was discovered just as we were preparing for an Open House – yes, hide the dogs, box the cats, scoop everywhere and, oh, get the Snappers off the lawn and out of the flower beds!
Much hauling one at a time in the wheelbarrow – getting them in with careful precision of two long-handled shovels – down to the swampy stream and back up. No presence of mind for the great shot – just get them off, finish up and get out!
So today when some more came we were almost casual – almost – get the dogs and the cats inside, watch where we put Laila Rose who with mom Bimala is here for a summer time. We are all very impressed at the level of communication skills these elegant and prehistoric creatures share – not with us. We knew nothing of their coming until they were here.
These are some of my bed mates – also inmates and outmates. Eli is one of the best companions in my experience. So happy to be. So involved in his world, finding every opportunity to enjoy everything that is. He is always there to remind me to embrace everything I see with claws retracted. Thank you, Eli.

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