Be Attention

Break open
So you can be part of the whole
So you can let
Whatever’s out there
Defense isn’t sensible
In the face of
Something or Someone
In your face
Have a Face-On
A smile is a gate
Entry to Open
Gateway to
Not Scared
Break the pattern
Hold nothing
But stillness, listening, be attention

One thought on “Be Attention

  1. Dear Pam,

    I just read your poem Be Attention after reading Paula’s post about courage. This week was filled with restless fear, and I could not calm it until I read the two posts.

    My husband and I are contemplating moving to a farm. (Me more than him; he could be packed by this time tomorrow.) I moved from the home I grew up in to college to our current home. Historically, I have cherished an image of myself as one who lives life right to the edge, and am dismayed by my current fear: of change, of being alone, and of the risks that I imagine would accelerate them.

    Though I don’t yet have answers, I do have some peace, flown into my heart by your words: “Not Scared/Break the Pattern/Hold Nothing/But stillness, listening, be attention

    Your words made a difference, and I thought you should know.


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