What Is All The Fuss About?

Is your life a “thought experiment?” Do you turn every possible moment into an explanation? A conclusion? A theory?”  Call it a Life Sentence. A philosophy.
Philosophy: the dictionary defines as “the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge and conduct.”
Whoa. Where are my feet when my mind is grappling with the meaning of life? My hands? My heart? They are in the line, “some items may not be included!”
I hear that philosophy majors are declining. I’m thinking something else is taking their place. There is a lot of supposition in the dictionary definition above. I know a lot about it because I mainlined words like that growing up and in college. I was mentally the West’s triumphant white male who invented the printing press and could then disseminate – yes, my brain was seminal! – and spread the word.
So happy was I reading that I thanked Gutenberg often in my young life. I couldn’t imagine a world without books, they were the source of my solace, imagination and courage. They are still and I love the points of view, the information and the courage to change they bring me.
What changed for me over the years was the source of the writing I read. While my brain was not left behind, other parts were added to the mix.  I read Siddhartha and Krishnamurti who were heady enough to introduce me to concepts I couldn’t have understood from my rather small and fearful heart. My mind was hungry and fearless and the path to enlarging my heart.
As I write this after many years of attending to attention and awareness, my philosophy has shifted to bearing my heart. And it is interesting that I get to write in a language for which bear means exposing and carrying! I mean both. I can hardly imagine being able to show you what’s in my heart without being able to sustain the impulse as well.
The path for me has been Insight Meditation for which I thank all my teachers – many of whom wrote amazing books – which I took into my heart with my head.

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