This Land


I feel my own fearlessness
In the presence of angels.
It feels like neutrality,
As if I could have anything
Happen at this moment,
In this moment.
All possibility is in this moment,
And any of it would be acceptable.
It is a strange choicelessness
That obscures desire.
I have known desire all my life.
Like a close second cousin living
At the center of my being,
A fourth eye to my longing.
It has been the hand of lack for me
All these years. And now it sits
Around the table in a cloud of smoke and
Argument, heated conversation.
In a mind gone to flowers, every one,
Learning has come to the land of Nod

One thought on “This Land

  1. this poem is full of wisdom.
    it catches the attention like a dreamcatcher,
    leaving room just enough for thoughts
    and feelings to get comfortable with one another.
    thank you. very beautiful.

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