When The “Elephant in the Room” Dies

Nothing against elephants, they are great, but their size gives comparative values unparalleled weight. Not sorry for the pun.
Late last week I heard that a man had passed who had abused all those in his family, made a fool out of many a friend and relative and made the lives of his children so traumatic they are low functioning into their fifties.
How can this happen? Wouldn’t I like to know. How can men and women be so abused and come back for more, year after year. His death will not disturb what he has done. No one will get up and start to live a full life. No one will walk away empty-handed.
I know he gave what he got. And that does nothing to justify anything.
Interesting that I have no image for this post. I suspect you all will fill in the blank. I think we all know a room with an “elephant” in it – even peripherally.
Compassion feels like a dirty, useless rag to mop up this man’s acts. So I won’t use it like that. I will give Right Speech and Right Action a chance. I will remember to tell the truth when it is useful and to love when it counts and to say so when I can add benefit. And I will say Metta as I was taught so many years ago by my teachers who had left their pain to enter rooms where what they saw was what they got.

May he (All Beings) be happy
May he (All Beings) be peaceful
May he (All Beings) be free from suffering and the cause of suffering.

He is and so are we all. Our choice. Our voice.

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