Once Upon A Time

In the stories about life for kids there is a confusing array of choices for good outcomes.
If I was a deer or an otter, my life as I knew it was over and I would have to be strong on my own.
As a girl, I could depend on someone rescuing me. Even if I was rich and then poor, I would be taken care of. Even if I seemed trapped, someone would give me the answer to a secret – sounds like “life’s persistent problems” as told by my good friend Guy Noir!
Personally I was always afraid I wasn’t going to figure it out. Whatever “it” was.
These many years later I have learned to give my heart and sometimes receive. I’ve been through mountains of too little too late too close too far. I saw a sign today, I think it was an ad for a McDonald’s sandwich, it said, “sized for satisfaction.” Honestly, I thought those messages were supposed to be subliminal, not outright description! But it reminded me of the fairy tales, the princess and the prince and all that. It reminded me that we are educated to look outside for love and forget that it’s an inside job.
I give my heart doesn’t mean I loose it or myself. Though I might for a bit.
I’ve been painting hearts. I love painting hearts. Each one is a gift for me and for you. Each one is to you and to me and each one takes my heart’s colors to my hand and back again.

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