Sweet Time

We are having sweet times with Bimala and our granddaughter Laila Rose. Yesterday we braved the heat of the Boston Common – it was actually quite pleasant – to see Paula dance her solo at the Outside The Box Festival on the Common. I love Boston and it gave me a chance to review the city I spent so much time in and love so well. I love the history and its weave into the present moment. The present moment is what we have and it’s rooted in the present moments of the past. Boston has much of both, it was teeming with activity yesterday, full of life and history. Paula and I saw friends and colleagues from all our years there. At the edge of the stage were young boys grooving to her dance and beside them were friends who have supported her work and loved her for three decades!
Paula also got great enthusiastic feedback from dancers and spectators who have known her in her Boston Days and those who just met her work yesterday! It was quite a day! Bimala and Laila were the focus of much attention!


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