The Dogs I know

When I experienced the Durga Festival in Kathmandu my senses were rendered senseless when I saw the dogs of that night.
The dog being killed by the car and then being taken aside by another dog meant to my well fed Western eyes that it was a retrieval, a saving grace.
When the dog proceeded to tear into the dying dog I could not absorb what I saw.
This went beyond my acknowledgement that we see only what we are accustomed to. Although I did not at first comprehend what I saw – I was able to look away when I perceived what I was actually seeing! And yes, all the phrases of my father came to me – his dog eat dog world – the shock of that reality is still with me. As are many of the lessons where I strayed from my comfortable life.
The take-away for me in the years since has been to look, to appreciate what is. To nurture the truth and not turn away, at least let the glance be a look.
Denial of what is, what I have or don’t have, who I am or who I’m not is the mucky place here. Dogs in Kathmandu do what they do. Dogs here, the same. I can’t make one the other, I can make a difference of course. The two dogs on the right of this photo are from southern Spain in Cadiz and their life here is very different from their life there and I know they were in both lives equally, though the lives were unequal in the extreme.
I tell myself to be careful with my categories, my judgements, my polarity. There is life everywhere and where there is life something right is going on.

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