Right – as in I’m right and you’re wrong


Even in your rightness about a subject, when you try to push your rightness toward another who disagrees, no matter how right you are, it causes more pushing against. In other words, it isn’t until you stop pushing that any real allowing of what you want can take place.—Abraham

Funny about right and wrong. How much does it cost to be right?
The other day we were picking poops – inspiring the life of the mind! She noticed the spiders’ webs in the grass with the morning dew, so perfect even with neighboring poop. Giving me an opening to explore the perfection of each cell. Even the possum lumbering to its unexpected death has every cell focussed on life. Do I pull back if I think it’s not going to work? Do I give less if my logic tells me it’ll never fly?
Then I thought of the Kalachakra Ceremony in which a group of monks gives their all to making a mandala for 12 days at which end they sweep it away. They do not stint their passion knowing the outcome.
Only recently have I moved to understand the value of being who I am to the fullest. For so many years I thought so much was wasted. If I wasn’t seen or heard or paid attention to then what was I doing? It was looking at a tree in a remote part of the world, a tree known by so few, yet giving me everything it had. An audience of one. And I realized the tree was giving. Just giving. Nothing to do with me. ¬†And that was enough even if that was all because the giver is the receiver.
In the Buddhanet explanation of the Kalachakra Ceremony it says you don’t have to participate to receive the benefit. Or know about it. You receive the benefit of it anyway. Just as I do, just as you do. We benefit each other. We only have to be ourselves to do it. And we don’t have to be anywhere but here.

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