The Cure For Addiction

Is appreciative attention. The trick is to keep your attention centered on what will help you. Rather as if you are on a diet eating only what is good for you, leaving no room for the very interesting junky stuff.
¬†Aajahn Chah encourages us to: ” Constantly watch over the mind as a parent watches over a child. Protect it from its own foolishness, teaching it what is right.”

I find myself often listening to the “crawl” at the bottom of my mind. These are not lofty thoughts or good ideas. They tend to be repetitive to the point of inanity. I call them “mind candy.” Perhaps I’m justifying or blaming or being right. I could be replaying a slight or something I should have said or done. Even the dreaded song over and over again. Treading the same stuffy, airless water of my pride and loving it. Until I wake up and find out I’ve gorged and now am tired. Hopefully remorseful. Nothing wrong with guilt.

So what’s next? To pull my mind back to my path, back to the life I want to be living in, my focus gets either very big – like who do I want to be, who am I? – or very small. What’s on this leaf? Refections on the soap bubbles washing dishes, the eyebrow of a cat. Is where salvation lies, tender to the touch and easy on the eye.

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