The Animal Inside

The lively world of our emotions, fears and responses is like a great forest with its fauna. We experience those feelings as though they were wild animals bolting through the foliage of our thick being, timidly peering out in alarm or slyly slinking and cunningly stalking, linking us to our unknown selves…                               Paul Shepard

The animal inside is outside too.
The wrangler, the poet, the fireman
all live in the animal world of the amygdala,
thriving in daily contact with themselves.
Connection takes more thought, perhaps involving
the cortex, but who’s counting?
When I am who I am, who am I?
Humans love these witticisms. I am human.
I indulge in a sundae of disconnected thought
irreverent and showing such a care of words
that I could be a pastor of the craft were I to study
more but the animal inside won’t let me.

all images and poems   Pam White












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