One day while the sun was shining and the moon was full
I took a pencil to outline myself.
With paper fitted and pencil in hand I began.

Settling on the rug I noticed I hadn’t cleaned under the sofa for some time.
Then I noticed the lamp was crooked and I was totally embarrassed by the shade.
A trip out was needed to restore order. I dropped the pencil in the street and had to return home for another. After I got the shade and the sofa squared. Then I began again with me.

Who was this person that crept in? An imposter! I don’t look like that.
So pen in hand, paper ready on the floor I re – embarked on my task.
Sizing me up is harder than I thought, focus. focus.

If the sun was up when I started, it was down several times before I got back to it.
Days had gone by before I could even look at my neck or my arms. I couldn’t find
them anyway while I was holding the pencil.

And what about the dogs? And cats? Doesn’t someone need to take care of them.
Don’t I have too many things to do? Plus I need an eraser.
Where did I put the silicone sealer, I fear a leak.


The rugs were thick with fur and the trees were a totally different color by the time I started
again. This time with my feet. They are often easier to bear my looking.
In order to see them really clearly and be on the floor with the paper at the same time
I got confused and stayed still long enough to get comfortable. I can tell when I’m comfortable because the cats line up.

They always let me know when the journey should be over.

2 thoughts on “Journey

  1. I love your work and particularly your photos. At 60 I recently got a camera for my birthday and needless to say I needed some help in learning to use it to it’s full potential. I signed up for a class and off I go. I love it but there’s a lot of information but hopefully I will catch on and produce some wonderful photos such as yours.

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