Autumn Light

I love this time of year. Just for what it is. Not the promise of anything. Probably because it does precede winter. Nothing to do about that.
The harvest feels like a long-awaited treasure finally ready to open. Yes, some in the garden – Jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, beets – sweet roots growing all summer. And I include us as humans who learn as we get older – and yes, I know that is a choice and not surety. I find in speaking with clients whom I have worked with a long time I get to open the deepest roots, show colors and dendrites only time can give us.

Lots of vegetables and some fruits bloom and last all year, even some flowers still bloom and I notice there are a few dandelions giving off their blouncy seeds at this time. Just as the new spring brings promise of all to come, so does the deep of this time presage the wisdom of experience, the awakening of the light as it wanes.


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