Lightness Of Being

Carolyn Myss

“I ask to be shown the truth within myself that I might never harm others with my illusions. I ask for the stamina of spirit to contain the transforming power of cosmic truths as I come to understand them. Let truth be the guiding force in my life. Let the grace of truth continue to sustain me and to heal me when I slip into illusion.”

(Excerpt From: Myss, Caroline. “Defy Gravity.” Hay House, 2009-10-13)
Challenging times lead me to thoughtfulness. I don’t seek out the wisdom and guidance of Carolyn Myss when I’m all cozy and warm inside. In the warmth of her words though, I find support.
I trust in the nature of my being that I am here, that I am doing the best I can, that faith is mine. The unavoidable truth is that all is easier when ties that bind are not suspended or broken.
May all Beings be peaceful. May all Beings be happy. May all Beings be free from suffering  and the causes of suffering.

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