Paths To Freedom



What does it take to “let freedom ring?”
Sometimes it’s a look around, noticing the yellowed wallpaper
Testing the windows to see if they open
Running our hand along the top or bottom
Listening for the hiss of a leak or the silence of a buildup.

Not really talking about your house. Talking about your bone, skin, blood and muscle house.┬áIn speaking with clients week after week – and with myself – I’m making a list.
And checking it more than once.

The list takes courage. Not a “certain” courage, not a little courage,
A Lot of courage. In the annals of courage there are a lot of small entries.
Times when something tiny wasn’t overlooked. Times when a weak voice was listened to. A small finger in a small hole saved a city. A small heart beats with the biggest.

I took this photograph of the sun setting. It looks fairly dramatic. It was just the sun setting as it does every day. Something not to be overlooked. It is a path.
Counting the days is not a path, noticing each day is a path.
Watching for something to happen is not a path. Watching what is happening is a path.


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