How does a flower grow?
The above photo is a Passion Flower, it arrived in a plastic bucket at my house some years ago. I thought, “cool, passion. let’s see what it brings.” At the time I was thinking that passion could get in the way if it was too strong. Sometimes my double-Aries self gets in my way and I over-think it as passion. But it isn’t. It’s just me being bull-headed.
Where I live a Passion Flower is an annual. In more southerly climes it can be perennial. It has a lot of flexibility and adapts to its environment – to a certain extent. It is always a Passion Flower nonetheless.
This particular flower spent the summer blissed into constant bloom. I found its ability to keep going admirable and thought about all of our abilities to bloom – constantly or not. I didn’t fetter it in any way, although I gave it some guidelines, which were followed. Watching it softened me and it felt as if it helped me hold myself with compassion as I saw it moving up the trellis. Compassion will awaken the heart and action can come from that opening. I am reminded of the story of the sun and the wind vying to get a man to remove his coat. You know who won. That’s what I experienced with the summer’s passion. Nurtured by the sun and some water, it kept going, growing beyond expectation. Willingness to nurture yourself is guaranteed to motivate, it is intrinsic to our nature. Just like the Passion Flower.

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