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Professional Certified Life Coach

Pam White is a life coach, painter, photographer, poet and the founder of Insight Coaching. She brings over thirty years of meditation practice to her work with clients.

“My goal with Insight Coaching is to help you clarify your goals and personal vision. My years of study in meditation, photography and my life as an artist allows me to see blocks or belief systems that may be inhibiting the flow of your awareness and creativity.” Insight Coaching is about discovering your most authentic self. We are all artists. Everything we choose to do or think or watch is like the colors of a painting, the steps of a dance. Our ability to listen to our own inner wisdom is key. Am I listening to what brings me peace and joy? Can I feel my own breath, my own heart? When we listen to our inner voice – the voice of wisdom and knowing – it becomes impossible to do what isn’t right for us. With my heart-centered tools and strategies I have helped countless people live inspiring and fulfilled lives. My clients are an inspiration to me, and a reminder that we are all capable of leading incredible lives.”

Pam is also a gifted animal communicator. “Communicating with animals is intuitive, interesting, and deeply satisfying. The animals are some of my most rigorous teachers. They want me to get it right. I am happy to speak with you and your animal companion.”

Pam is a graduate of Rich German’s Epic Coach Academy.

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  1. Pam has helped me to love and step fully into my life. In a practical sense, it means I love my wife, I love my kids, I have deep friendships, I have a new house, I have a new car, I appreciate my job, all since working with Pam. But more than that, it means I have a deep gratitude for all that life has brought me, from the profound hurts of the past that I have let sail away to the great beauties and truth of life that I can now absorb and let in. She has always believed that I had everything I needed within me, even as I faltered and lost footing and the ability to see. She has coached me with practical exercises and “homework” that have had the lessons lengthen and deepen, and she has held space for me and shined the right light that helped me to grow. Her intuition, her guidance, her exceptional skill—all gifts that she has shared with me. She has been the truest definition of servant and mentor, master and coach that I have known. I am thriving, I am abundant, and I am stepping up and stepping into my beautiful life. For that, I am forever grateful.

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