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I have been talking with animals for the past fifteen and more years.  It all started when a friend gave me the number of Kate Reilly, a brilliant communicator.  I needed help with a cat that was dying.  That experience was life changing:  what had seemed possible – communicating with my animal companions -became real.

After that I called Kate regularly.  She suggested that I take a communication workshop.  I signed on immediately.

One thing led to another.  Kate and I became good friends.  I took another workshop, and then another.  People started calling me about their animals.

Communicating with animals is intuitive, interesting, and deeply satisfying.  The animals are some of my most rigorous teachers.  They want me to get it right. I get visual images and a sensation of their feelings. If I’m right or wrong I get very clear messages from them to correct or communicate my thoughts. If there is something they want to hide or are afraid for you to know I have dowsing methods to override their message if needed.

I would be happy to speak with your companion.  And with you, of course.

Consultations are $100 and last about 45 minutes. If I speak with your animal companion separately, that is included in the original fee. Each session is discreet and follow-ups can be charged $25 in 15 minute increments if done within a reasonable time period from the initial consultation.

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2 thoughts on “Animal Talk

  1. Hi Pam, I am new to all of this. I have been told by three different readers that “animal communication is in me”. “It is my calling” Believe and have faith. I was given Kate Riely’s name and it was suggested that I sign up for her workshops but I don’t have a way to contact her. Seeing that you are friends can you please help me? Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Susan, Kate is not doing any workshops or communicating. I’m not sure where you are, so I can’t offer suggestions, but being open to the possibility is the first step toward finding a teacher. I’ve no doubt you will do that soon.
      All the Best, Pam

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