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  1. Thank you for your invitation to LinkIn with you. It seems we have a remarkable number of unrelated LinkedIn contacts in common including:

    my Wheaton College classmate Audrey Scanlan,
    Jeremie Spitzer whom I met working on a venture known as “No Limits Media,”
    Jon Seward whom I met through my community activist participation with Boston’s Central Artery Tunnel–the project known as “The Big Dig.”
    and Suzanne Kronisch whom I met in 1982 in Amherst MA at a Feldenkrais summer-long training,

    What a fascinating thing LinkedIn is.

  2. Dear Pam, It took me awhile to get in touch with you as I believed you’d given me your email address, and it took me a while to figure out how to communicate in this way..

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you at the Little Portion Friary when you were there recently visiting with Brett. I loved the art work you showed me on your tablet. I felt a real contact with you during our dinner conversation. I am not much of a virtual communicator, However. I do text, as my wife bought me an I phone for Father’s Day. My number is: 631 495-3536. My very best wishes you you and Brett,


  3. Pam, I finally finished your interview video and love the way it came out. I hope to have it posted online soon.

  4. When I access your blog via Maria’s listing, your pictures are lovely and part of the message. When I receive it via my subscription, the pictures are so vast that they cannot be viewed. Thanks. Enjoy your blog and observations. I am a follower of Jon and Maria’s blogs, also Paula’s and the writers of Jon’s workshop—fine writing there. I read White Feather Farm regularly–I feel very connected to all of you folks, through Jon’s introduction.

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