It’s funny that this video which is so intense and awkward to listen to and watch is the everyday story for many of us – men and women – across all social structures, all the social barriers we know; age, wealth, education. We are who we are and for many of us this intense and straight talking woman tells it like it is. She says who we are, what we do and how we live.

It’s one of those “uncomfortable” things to watch. A woman talking about her experience, exploring what she has seen in others’ lives, expressing emotions. In telling the tales of women she has met in other lands, she tells our story. This is not one we hear much, not one we think we know, not the expression of who we think we are or who is next door.

It strikes me that in this telling she is unique. To be unique while exploring everyday thoughts and feelings says a lot about our relationship to reality.

Watch this all the way through. Eve Ensler is a woman with a story to tell.